About Us

Sensebridge began as a collaboration at Noisebridge, a maker space in San Francisco, California. We were interested in augmenting our senses, giving ourselves experience with cyborg-like technologies. Our first effort was North Paw, a compass anklet that vibrates to tell you which way is north. It gives users an intuitive sense of direction. Over time the collaboration evolved, people came and left, and today sensebridge has members in San Francisco, Toronto, London, and many other cities.

This new commercial website is operated by Eric Boyd, one of the creators of the Heart Spark. Eric has an extensive technical background and lately has become fascinated with fashion. Have ideas for more electronic jewelry? Email eric at sensebridge dot net.

Sensebridge also maintains a blog for people interested in the inner workings of our products, which are all open source. If you want see how these things are made, head on over to sensebridge.net. If you'd like to receive (very infrequent) emails about new sensebridge products, please subscribe to our mailing list:

Eric with an early prototype of the Heart Spark