Heart Spark

Heart Spark is a pendant that flashes lights in time with your heart beat. It broadcasts your feelings! Each beat of your heart triggers a display of lights. When your heart beats faster, the lights blink faster. Your excitement will show!

Heart Spark depends on Polar Wearlink™ chest straps to detect your heart beat. The chest strap must be purchased separately; Sensebridge does not sell Polar equipment. The chest straps are sold worldwide at hundreds of retail outlets including REI, MEC and Amazon.com. If you do not have a chest strap, Heart Spark will still blink at a constant 75 beats-per-minute.

Heart Spark is $69 plus shipping and handling.

Necklace Style (see photos below)

Each Heart Spark comes with the necklace hardware you select and four CR2032 batteries. Each battery lasts 8-12 hours, depending on mode and your heart rate. Extra batteries can be bought in most drug stores, just ask for CR2032 or show them one. Or purchase them or online in bulk.

A: Heart Spark with metal hoop (choker)

B: Heart Spark with chain and magnetic clasp

C: Heart Spark with twisted necklace

D: Heart Spark with nylon cord