Sound Spark

Sound Spark is a pendant that flashes lights in time with your voice, or other nearby sounds such as music. It catches people's eyes when you talk, ensuring you have their full attention.

Sound Spark is $39 plus shipping and handling.

Necklace Style
Light Colour

Each Sound Spark comes with the necklace hardware you select and two CR2032 batteries. Each battery lasts approximately four days of continuous use, or six weeks on standby, which you can trigger with the button on the back. If you intend to not use Sound Spark for more than a week, we recommend removing the battery rather than using standby mode. Extra batteries can be bought in most drug stores, just ask for CR2032 or show them one. Or purchase them or online in bulk.

A: Sound Spark with chain & lobster fastener

B: Sound Spark with metal hoop (choker)